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Hong Kong — By Jessy DB on December 20, 2009 at 12:02 am

Bargain shopping at Temple Street night market

One of my favourite places to take visitors in Hong Kong is the night market or Men’s Street on Kowloon side. It runs along Temple Street (map), which stretches over Yau Ma Tei (map) and Jordan (map) and is the best place in Hong Kong to find Chinese souvenirs, cheap gadgets, and designer knock-offs, ethnic clothes and decors, as well as have some amazing seafood amidst the chaotic market atmosphere. I prefer bringing guests to this night market as opposed to the one in Mongkok, which is often referred to as Ladies’ Market. This is where I usually go to find quirky gifts for the holiday season and random toys to collect. I find the area much easier to navigate and safer to be in than the one in Mongkok. It’s the place to get your bargaining skills on and shop till your feet cave in—the true Hong Kong experience.



Recently, I visited the market twice in a week to take some friends around for a little last minute shopping before leaving Hong Kong. We weren’t able to sit down for some seafood because both times the restaurants were incredibly busy. The holiday rush has begun and everywhere you go in Hong Kong just gets more and more packed as the days pass.




While I was there, I bought a few knick knacks for friends and family, such as lovely pashmina scarves (about HKD80), pretty pocket mirrors (HKD30 each or 4 for HKD100 depending on what you want) wrapped in Chinese purses (3 for HKD50) and these adorable China doll figurines (HKD25 for the tiniest, HKD50 for medium and HKD75 for the largest or you can buy them in sets of three for a bargain price). I’ve decided I’m going to start collecting these little darlings by buying one each time I take a tourist to the night market!

One of my good friends from college loves to go to the night market every time she’s in Hong Kong to visit her favourite wig shop. She collects wigs and managed to influence me into buying one as well! I grabbed myself a platinum blonde wig for HKD70.





Other great finds in the market are Chinese paintings and tea sets. All my friends would love to bring home a tea set but it’s hard to pack these things in suitcases so most of the time we just end up marveling the craftsmanship. You can also grab yourself a beautiful cheongsam or what many Westerners call the ‘mandarin gown’. These gorgeous dresses are great souvenirs from Hong Kong.




Men’s Street is called that for the obvious. Many of the stalls sell items for men but there is also tons of stuff for the ladies. I love their dresses, skirts, bags and accessories that come from numerous places in Asia, such as Thailand. If you go to Patong night market in Phuket you’ll see similar dresses as the ones in Hong Kong.


You can visit the night market in Temple Street any evening of the week. It’s best to go after 9pm to be sure all the stores and stalls are open. Keep an eye out for unique finds and always be careful of your belongings. Also, make sure you bargain before purchasing because these vendors are expert hagglers. Bring lots of change and avoid paying with large bills. Happy shopping!

Photo credit: Jessy DB, The Hong Kong Guide

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