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Amsterdam — By Marianne on December 18, 2009 at 1:21 pm

Last Minute Christmas Gift? What about a Cow?

Forgot to buy a Christmas present for your mother-in-law? What about a cow or would she prefer a camel?

No need for her to have a garden, no feeding of the animal either because it is a virtual present.

This is how it works. You buy an Oxfam Unwrapped Gift. Instead of getting a real gift, you get a gift card which you send to your mother-in-law. This way you let her know what you bought. The real gift, the real cow or camel goes to people in the third world and helps them to fight poverty.


A cow costs only $75. A can of worms is €18 and a camel $125. For only $150 you have got a farmer’s flock consisting of one cow and two sheep. It not only farm animals you can give also children toys, mosquito nets, school uniforms, water pumps, bicycles and lots more. The most expensive gift is a house on stilts at €10,000 and a gift of €1,500 rebuilds a primary school. The least expensive gift is manure at €12.

Your mother-in-law may not be very happy with a cow, but she will certainly like a dozen chicks. And for you that’s only $40. (You can send her another gift for her birthday).

Watch this video about Goats that Do Good

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