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Hong Kong — By Jessy DB on December 17, 2009 at 8:33 am

Hong Kong Guide trip to Macau: Fernando’s Restaurant and The Venetian (Part 2)

While in Macau last week I was finally able to taste the delicious food of the infamous Fernando’s Restaurant on Hac Sa beach. Known as one of the best authentic Portuguese colonial restaurants in South East Asia, Fernando’s may be located in the far off Hac Sa on Coloane Island but it’s well worth the trip, especially if you’re only in Macau for a short time. There are English, Portuguese and Cantonese menus so that everyone can order easily, and there’s even a special photo menu to give you a better idea of what you’re ordering. Prices range between USD8 to USD12 per dish or HKD120. Each dish is more than enough for 4 people as they are meant to be shared family style. The dishes I highly recommend are the roast chicken, roast pork, cod fish, chorizo and spicy prawns in garlic. You will not be disappointed.

A basket of crispy rolls and a jug of Sangria

Macau Food

At the end of a very satisfying dinner, we headed off to The Venetian Macau where we wandered around looking at the extravagant casino and shopping areas. We only browsed around for a short while before we had to grab the free bus to the Cotai ferry and head back to Hong Kong. No matter how many times I visit the Venetian—mostly for concerts like the John Legend concert in April—I am amazed by its grandeur and structure. I just love walking around the Grand Canal shopping area and staring up at the indoor sky while enjoying the live music from Venetian performers. This time around I discovered a delicious ice cream kiosk called Don Gilato that serves a healthy scoop of dark chocolate ice cream for about HKD25—the perfect ending to my Macau journey.



IMG_5233 IMG_5243


The next excuse I have, I’m definitely jumping on a ferry to Macau. Ferry rides are about HKD140 one way and the food and sites are fantastic. If you’re coming to Hong Kong, don’t miss out on a trip to Macau even if it’s just for a quick day trip.

For more information visit www.venetianmacao.com

Fernando’s Restaurant

9 Praia de Hac Sa, Coloane Island

Tel: +853 882 264

Opening Hours – Noon – Late (Opening hours vary)

Photo credit: Jessy DB, The Hong Kong Guide

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