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Seattle — By Mary Jo Manzanares on December 17, 2009 at 12:22 pm
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3 Cheap Sleep Hostels in Seattle

Lack of funds need not stifle your Seattle travel plans, it just takes a little creativity with your hotel arrangements.  While I love a nice luxury hotel, it’s an expense that not many can work into the travel budget.

Bunk beds At the other of the budget spectrum, you’ll find a few hostels in the city.  Some have shared rooms, others have private en suites, and all represent a substantial savings that can stretch your travel dollars.

  • Green Tortoise Hostel – Located on the corner of 1st Avenue & Pike Street (map), directly across from the Pike Place Market, this is a sister hostel to one of the same name in San Francisco.  Rates start at $28/bed for an 8 person mixed dorm room and include free breakfast, free internet access (terminals and wi-fi), free dinner 3 times/week, along with a variety of other activities and amenities.
  • City Hostel Seattle – Located in an historic building in Belltown at 2327 2nd Avenue (map), this hostel cherishes its billing as the only art hostel in the United States.  Recently renovated, now with new kitchen and bathrooms, rates start at $22.50/bed for a 4 bed family room with shared bathroom, and include free breakfast, internet access, and a variety of other activities and amenities.
  • Hostelling International Seattle at the American Hotel – Opened earlier this summer in the International District, 520 South King Street (map), this hostel is a block from Union Station, making it a great location for train travelers.  Rates start at $29/bed for a 16 bed mixed dorm, and include breakfast, internet access, and a variety of other amenities.  Private rooms are also available.

Hostels aren’t for everyone, so before booking your bed think about whether or not you can forego a little privacy to save a little money.  Hostel guests tend to run on the younger side, although you’ll still find families.  Over the best few years, safety and security has greatly improved in hostels, but you still have to be much more conscious of your surroundings and bunk mates than you would at the luxury hotel down the street.  It’s a great way to meet fellow travelers, though, and a cheap way to sleep in Seattle.

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