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Edinburgh — By Andy Hayes on December 13, 2009 at 7:39 am

What’s on Edinburgh

This is the first of a regular feature here at PlanetEye Traveler Edinburgh.  We’ll be highlighting what’s on in Edinburgh worth mentioning.  From year-round attractions that have something special to events that you just can’t miss, here’s another good reason to stay tuned.

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Stop and Book Now.  If you haven’t already made reservations for Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve) then stop reading this and get something booked.  I highly recomend Afore the Bells at the Queen’s Hall for a great value-for-money event that you can easily walk to your hotel afterwards.  But they’ll sell out soon, so don’t hesitate.  Even if you just want to go out for a meal on Hogmanay, you need to book now.  Really.  If you are in a pinch, phone your hotel/accommodation to see if they have any arrangements with nearby restaurants for the evening.

It’s a Wonderful Life.  After a hectic day of shopping on Princes Street, what’s a great way to end the day?  How about a stop at The Filmhouse for a showing of It’s a Wonderful Life. Get into the Christmas feel good spirit and enjoy the season right.

Free Comedy.  On Thursday night, you can get a good dose of free comedy (donation requested) over at one of my favourite pubs, The Jekyll and Hyde.  On Thursday night at 9PM, you’ll get plenty of laughs in a great ambience.  Head over early for a spot of potatoes or pie before the kitchen closes and the fun begins.

Panto! I thought panto was an exclusively British proposition, but apparently you can find panto in Seattle too. However, if you’re here in Edinburgh for the holidays, then you must book a panto.  I think the Kings Theatre does a great job with their panto productions – it’s kid friendly but not too loud/obnoxious for the adults either. (By the way, if you think ‘panto’ means a mime artist, think again – read more about pantomime on Wikipedia.)

Camera-less Photography.  If the headline alone intrigues you, then pop by the Ingleby Gallery, where Gary Fabian Miller is exploring the possibilities of just using light sensitive paper to make images and art.  It’s an interesting concept in a day and age where not only do most people have a camera, but most of us actually walk around with one all day long – our mobile phones.

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