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Amsterdam — By Marianne on December 11, 2009 at 7:44 am

Pick of the Week: Glitter, Glamour and Twinkling Stars in Amsterdam

This week Amsterdam sparkles and twinkles. The rich and famous indulge in the Millionaire Fair. The not so rich gaze at the stars and kids and adults amble past the gigantic Christmas trees on Dam Square and Museumplein.

Glitter for the Rich
WHAT: Millionaire fair
WHEN: 10 – 14 December 2009
WHERE: Amsterdam RAI, Europaplein 8

Have you always dreamt of possessing a watch that strikes the hour and quarter hours? Do you consider buying a (second or third) Jacuzzi? Do you like browsing with a glass of champagne in your hand? Or are you in desperate need of a diamond pendant to match your ear rings and wear at the Christmas party? If so, the Millionaire Fair is your place. Dress code is Tenue de Ville and for the last day, Business Monday, Business Suit.

christmas tree

Glitter for the Not So Rich
WHAT: Falling Stars
WHEN: mid-December, in particular 13 and 14 December
WHERE: Night sky over Amsterdam

Meteor shower that radiates from constellation Geminids. The path of Earth intersects with the stream of dust particles. If the sky is clear fifty to eighty falling stars per hour are visible.


Glitter for Kids and Adults
WHAT: 18-metre tall Christmas tree
WHEN: until 6 January 2010
WHERE: Dam Square

Oh and ah at the Christmas tree glittering with 40,000 LED lights. Our (great) grandparents decorated their trees with candles and tinsel made from thin strips of beaten silver. Later on plastic tinsel became very popular because it was cheaper and lighter so that the tree stood more stable. In 1895, American Ralph Morris invented the first electric Christmas lights. In 1962, American Nick Holonyak invented LED lights that now twinkle in many Christmas trees.

photo credit: Angelo @flickr

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