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Cheap Eats at Nostrum

Fast food doesn’t necessarily have to be greasy and unhealthy. The new chain of Nostrum cafes proves that home cooking can be healthy and quick.

Nostrum Barcelona. By Regina Winkle-Bryan

Nostrum Barcelona. By Regina Winkle-Bryan

Nostrum is a local company which has quickly expanded throughout the city over the last couple of years. They offer Mediterranean dishes, like lentil salad, cod fish, Russian salad, flan and more. For 8 Euros, you can get a starter, a main course, a drink and a dessert, which is a pretty sweet deal.

The way it works is you go in, and choose from Nostrums pre-packaged dishes. They are fresh and served with bread. If you want your meal hot, there are microwaves in the back where you can heat up the food. This is a self service sort of place.

The drawback is that everything is served in plastic bowls and I have yet to see a recycle bin at any Nostrum. You also are given plastic forks and knives. Nostrum should recycle, and I don’t know quite how I feel about microwaving plastic either. However, the product is healthy and inexpensive, and the system is easy.


Web – http://www.nostrum.cat/webnostrum/index.html

Address:(one of many)

Rambla Catalunya 20, Barcelona

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