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Edinburgh — By Andy Hayes on December 7, 2009 at 4:52 pm

Princes Street Reopens – and a Way to Celebrate

Princes Street has reopened!  As we previously reported, Princes Street closed for 9 months while the new tram line was implemented.  They’ve been hustling and bustling to open up in time for the Christmas market.  It’s likely that more delays and closures will happen when further tram works are put in (the trams are still not due in for another 2-3 years, at least) but you’ll note the tracks have been laid.


It will almost be weird to have traffic on this street again, after the chaos of ever-changing traffic patterns, the cacophony of drilling and jackhammering, and the scent of fresh tar filling the air.  I’m sure the businesses on Princes St as well as locals who often lunch in the gardens will welcome the reopening.

How to Celebrate

Want to celebrate the re-opening of Princes Street?  Well here’s the perfect way:  start by heading to the new Urban Outfitters that has opened where the old Zalwai store was towards the western end of the street.  There’s bound to be some good deals to honour the new opening – and we’ve linked to their Facebook Fan page, where they often post coupons.

Of course, if you’re in the mood for shopping and didn’t find the perfect Christmas gift in our Ultimate Scottish Christmas Gift Guide, then when you’ve finished at Urban Outfitters, head for Edinburgh’s iconic shopping stop, Jenners.  They are always decked out for the holidays in loads of lights, glitter, and discounts!

When you’ve finished loading up the now overflowing shopping bags, you just have to walk across the street into the east end of Prices Street to finish off the day with some German food, more great Christmas shopping, and maybe a ride or two on the carousel if you’re up for it.  (If nothing else, hang out for the good music.)  It’s the Edinburgh German Christmas Market, one of my favourite things of the year.

If you’re still around and kicking after the celebration, don’t forget our most romantic spots in Edinburgh – they’re all perfect this time of year.

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