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London, New York, Paris, Photo Highlights — By Slava Sakhnenko on December 7, 2009 at 2:42 pm
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Movie Locations in the Real World

It happens all the time, a big budget production would roll into a little known location, turning a small cafe, a train platform or a remote field into a major tourist destination with throngs of visitors clamoring for a photograph. Here are just a few locations where a film set became the main attraction.

Platform 9 ¾

Located in the Kings Cross Station (London, England), this installation references the secret train platform that the kids from Harry Potter use to get to Hogwarts. Photo by jumphawk

In reality, Rowling got her train stations confused, as there is no platform between tracks 9 & 10 in Kings Cross. In the movies, the producers just renumbered the tracks 4 & 5, while in this real life photo-op, they glued a piece of a shopping cart to the wall. Photo by Oleg Sklyanchuk


Once the Lord of The Rings crew wrapped up their last shot and moved out of New Zealand, they left behind a bourgeoning tourism industry built around the iconic movie locations. Hobbiton was one of the most recognizable sets in the film and the are still 17 (out of original 37) hobbit holes left in their natural state. Photo by Sue Longley

Hook & Ladder #8

This fully operational fire house in Tribeca (NYC)  has served as the headquarters of the titular team in the Ghostbusters movies. Far from shying away from their history, the firefighters put up a large, lit-up Ghostbusters sign on the inside. Photo by Marcin Wichary

Cafe des Deux Moulin

When the indy film Amelie, become an Oscar nominated phenomenon, any Parisian location associated with the movie became a tourist hotspot. None more so then Cafe des Deux Moulin (Two Windmills), where Amelie worked as a waitress. By all accounts, the food there is nothing particularly special, but there’s a giant face of Audrey Tautou smiling down on you, and isn’t that what it’s all about?!? Photo by dordirk

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  • You missed Bruges, from In Bruges. The clock tower, canals, bars, and swans, it’s so magical!

  • Slava says:

    Yes and no… I should probably do another series of posts that take the movies such as In Bruges (or Lost in Translation, or Before Sunrise/Sunset) and provide a photo walkthrough of all the places featured in those films.

    But this post was supposed to be about the specific ways the movies changed the location itself. Adding film references that weren’t there before: the shopping cart portal, the Hobbit huts, Ghostbusters logo, smiling Audrey Tautou…

  • Forks (Washington) has become a big tourist spot after the popularity of the Twilight series of books and now movies.

    It was just a sleepy little town, and still is somewhat, but new business are opening and booming because of the movie.

  • Vlad Malik says:

    I would love to live in Hobbiton. Minus the Hobbits.


  • Vlad Malik says:

    I would love to live in Hobbiton. Minus the hobbits.

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