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Photo Highlights, Rest of the World — By Slava Sakhnenko on November 23, 2009 at 3:30 pm

Strangest Hotels Around The World

There are many decadent luxury hotels, beautifully designed boutiques, and minimalist hostels. All are a dime a dozen (not really, some of them are actually really expensive). But then, once in a while, you come across such an odd accommodation that you’re half dumb-founded and half pulling out your credit card because you have got to stay there, just for the sheer uniqueness of it all.

Anatolian Houses

Cappadocia, Turkeystarting from €250 / night

The striking volcanic-rock structures that define the Cappadocia region have been carved into caves and houses for ages; first by prehistoric human tribes thousands of years ago, then by early Christians who established the monastic life here, all the way to the current, overly-eager hoteliers who apparently believe it’s the height of decadence to install a wine fountain in the courtyard.

De Vrouwe van Stavoren

Stavoren, Netherlandsstarting from €90 / night

If you’ve ever wanted to spend the night inside a giant wine cask – you big lush, you – Stavoren has got you covered. Apparently, these casks held actual wine for many a year, before being retired into the hospitality industry.

Jumbo Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden starting with $45 per night (for a dorm bed)

Oscar Dios rescued an aging 747 from wasting away in an airplane graveyard, and, instead, parked it outside of the Stockholm Airport where it now serves as a somewhat overpriced hostel with 25 rooms housing 85 beds and a 24-hour lounge in what used to be the first-class section. In what could only be a cheeky, linguistic joke, the honeymoon suite is located in the cockpit.

Activiteiten Harlingen Lighthouse

Harlingen, Netherlands starting with € 319 per night

A dream of romantically included hermits everywhere, Activiteiten Harlingen lets you have this towering lighthouse all to yourselves for a night or two.

The lantern room is also equipped with a VHF radio-telephone that lets you listen-in on the banter between the passing ships and harbour officials.

Tianzi Hotel

Hebei, China

This place is just… I don’t know! Tackling the Chinise symbols of ‘Health, Wealth & Happiness’ with a characteristic lack of sublety, this is a kind of project that can only be pushed through with the full power of a misguided Communist apparatus behind it, squashing any reasonable objection encountered along the way. I don’t even want to imagine what kind of crazy wallpaper they have in the rooms within. Photo by bbqi

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