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Hong Kong — By Jessy DB on November 18, 2009 at 11:47 am

Chocolate crepes at Epoch Coffee Bar & Desserterie

A cold spell enveloped Hong Kong over night this week and has made me crave for all my favourite comfort foods! As I am in the middle of moving to outlying island Discovery Bay (map) and don’t have internet connection set up at the new flat, I find myself shacked up in coffee houses or anywhere I can steal a bit of wifi connection for just a few minutes. Today was especially colder than most days in the city and so I decided to seek refuge in one of my favourite places to gorge on yummy desserts. It’s only a block away from where I currently live and I will be so sad to move away at the end of the month.


Epoch is a coffee bar and desserterie known for their delicious chocolate crepes and other sweet delights. I’ve eaten here a few times and my top three choices off the menu are the meatball sub, potato wedges with garlic mayo and the chocolate crepes.



In the day time I like to sit in a quiet corner and order a chocolate crepe for just HK$38 or have an afternoon snack of potato wedges for around HK$40. Their meatball sub, also around HK$40, is my usual order for when I want take away and feel like something easy to munch on.



Their dinner set is HK$62 and includes an appetizer and main dish. In the photos you’ll see their tofu salad and beef and rice dish that I found quite bland compared to their desserts and snacks. As someone who loves tofu, the tofu salad is quite disappointing and truthfully, doesn’t taste like anything at all. While their beef and rice dish is mediocre and has no special taste to it. The beef wasn’t as tender as I would’ve liked but at least it made me even more excited about dessert!


On to desserts, as I’ve mentioned, their chocolate crepes (HK$38) are definitely a must-have, as is the warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream (HK$68). Once again, this is a testament to my being a complete chocolate addict but I assure you their desserts aren’t too sweet and heavy like other treats.

If you find yourself in the Taikoo Shing area, be sure to stop by epoch and have some wonderful snacks and desserts!

epoch coffee bar & desserterie (map)

G/F Shop H, 12 Westlands Road

Taikoo Place, Hong Kong

Tel 852 2811 2140

Photo credit: Jessy DB, The Hong Kong Guide

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