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Photo Highlights — By Slava Sakhnenko on November 16, 2009 at 4:09 pm
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Island Castles

So yeah… you know how a lot of people dream of owning their own private island, and the more ambitions (delusional) of those also, probably, wish to live in a castle? If that sounds like you, I’ve prepared something special! Below are a few amazing island castles that I managed to track down. If you know of any other, leave a comment with the details.

Castle Stalker (Loch Laich, Scotland) – Not only does this four story keep have a totally pimp name (’stalker’ translates to ‘hunter ‘or ‘falconer’ in Gaelic), but it was also a featured location in the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail!  During the low tides, the island can actually be accessible on foot… but I wouldn’t risk it.

Photo by bluestardrop


Schwerin Castle (Schwerin, Germany) – These days, the castle, connected to the mainland by two fancy bridges, serves as the seat of the state parliament. Which, I guess, makes for a pretty cool commute to the office. And probably a nice view. Jealous…

Photo by Harald Hoyer


Château de Chillon (Lake Geneva, Veytaux, Switzerland) – This one is so nice that I even  had to recant on my rule of never using HDR photos. Over centuries (since 1005 AD), hundreds of buildings were gradually connected to now form a single entity called Chillon Castle. Currently it’s a museum and is open to the public.

Photo by Pear Biter


Isola di Loreto (Lake Iseo, Brencia, Italy) –Isola di Loreto is the smallest island on Lake Iseo, and atop it there’s a snugly fitting neo-gothic castle, built more than a thousand years ago.

Photo by Michelangelo_MI


Church of the Assumption (Lake Bled, Slovenia) – I guess this is more of a cathedral rather then a castle, but still. Floating in the center of the picturesque Lake Bled, surrounded by greenery and tiny villages, against the backdrop of rising mountains, this church is as awe inspiring as you’re gonna get without hiring Gaudi.

Oh yeah, it is also the only real island in Slovenia, so you can say that they did the most with what they’ve got.

Photo by jsouthorn
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