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Atlanta — By Linda Erbele on November 14, 2009 at 12:41 pm

Try a Turducken for Thanksgiving this year

Want to really out-do your sister-in-law at the Thanksgiving table this year? I know, you’ve got all those purists who think they have to have turkey – and really, how many ways is there to make that special? Here’s one – serve an (almost) boneless turkey, stuffed with a thin layer of crawfish wrapped around a boneless duck stuffed with andouille sausage wrapped around a boneless chicken. You have about 14 or 15 pounds of meat, so it serves a lot of people. (and honey, they’ll be talking about your Thanksgiving for years!)

Traditional but different for Thanksgiving

Traditional but different for Thanksgiving

There’s some disagreement as to which chef actually invented the turducken, but it’s definitely a Cajun specialty, made individual by the variety of stuffings which fill up the spaces between the birds. There are several places you can get one in and around Atlanta, in prices ranging from $69.95 to over $100. Most of these places make them right here, and require several days notice – you can’t just walk in and pick one up.  Many may offer you a choice of stuffings – cajun, cornbread, crawfish, etc.

Cajun Meat Company, Marietta (see map)

Wilkes Meat Market, Suwanee (see map)

Wilkes Supermarket and Deli, Cumming (see map)

Boudreaux’s, Duluth (see yesterday’s blog)

Douglasville Retail Meat and Smokehouse, Acworth (see map)

I don’t know why they all seem to be on the north side. If you know of other places to get one, post a comment and let me know!

(Photo courtesy Cajun Meat Co., used with permission.)

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