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Hawaii — By byun on November 13, 2009 at 1:00 pm

The best Thai cuisine in Honolulu

photo courtesy of kin0be/FlickrThere are plenty of decent Thai restaurants in town.  Some of my personal faves are Champa Thai (on Waialae Ave), Mekong II and Chiang Mai (on King Street), and Siam Garden Cafe (on Nimitz Highway).  I’ve been to Thailand, had authentic Thai food, and even prefer the Thai food back home, but my hands-down favorite Thai restaurant on Oahu has to be Phuket Thai.

With three locations to choose from (the original one being in the McCully Shopping Center), Phuket Thai holds the lock and key to Thai-island cuisine.  I’ve dined only at the restaurant near Ward (on Kamake’e Street), but it remains my Thai restaurant of choice because the atmosphere is so comfortable and classy and the food is always tasty and satisfying.

photo courtesy of kin0be/Flickr

My favorite dishes have to be the “phuket stuffed chicken wings” (how they deboned the wings and stuffed it with veggies I still don’t know), the curries (”panang” is my personal favorite), and the “thai apple banana.”  YUM!  I’ve been to Phuket Thai at least three times this past year and I always leave full and happy.

For more information on the menu and Phuket Thai locations on Oahu, check out its sophisticated website, complete with photographs and restaurant history.

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