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Buenos Aires — By Pablo Juan Augustinowicz on November 13, 2009 at 11:00 am
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Discover the Chinatown in Buenos Aires

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Every big city around the world has its own Chinatown, so needless to say is that Buenos Aires has one too. It is located in a small corner of the beautiful barrio de Belgrano.

Chinatown starts at the intersection of calle Arribeños and avenida Juramento and runs for a few blocks along calle Arribeños. Walking around this small area is almost like leaving Argentina, although you can still find flashes of the local culture.

For example, you can walk by a bakery window and see empanadas sitting next to all kinds of different noodles and Asian delights. The shops in the Chinatown are exactly what the desperate gourmet needs: sauces, spices, rice noodles, sesame cookies, shitake mushrooms, oolong tea, and more. You can even buy shrimp crackers and inexpensive smoked salmon sushi roles.

And the list of curious and intriguing treats continues. If you aren’t much for cooking then there are a number of Chinese restaurants ready to do the work for you. Most serve up standard Chinese dishes. The average dish costs between 15 to 30 pesos, but expect to pay closer to 45 for a seafood specialty. There are also lots of vegetarian options with tofu galore to please all those who struggle everyday with Argentine cuisine.

Restaurant Lai Lai is good choice. I think their secret is the freshness of their products. Last time I had Fried Sweet Chicken, it was one of the chef’s recommendations. Absolutely great! the chicken was crispy outside and soft inside and it comes with a ginger and spring onions sauce. Also, check out Hsiang Ting-Tang, great food, nice ambiance, as well as BuddahBA.

For the culinary adventuresome, there is even a Chinese style parrilla (I will get back to you with the name), with roast ducks and various unidentifiable meets and even chicken feet.

More so, at the corner of  Mendoza y Arribeños there is a nice Korean restaurant called Keum kang san. The restaurant is located on a first floor, and to access it you have to go into a sushi restaurant and take the stairs on the left. What makes this restaurant different is that every table has an electric grill in the middle, where you can grill your own beef. You are given small plates with portions of food to share with the others. At the end, you are given thin slices of beef, marinated in some very good sauce, to grill.  BarrioChino

So, if you need a break from the local cuisine and get in touch with some new ingredients or find some little fun treats, you know where to go. And if you are searching for Chinese knick-knacks, paper fans and lanterns, cheap change purses or carved jade statues of Buddha then look no further. As with any Chinatown, several shops overflowing with mass-produced trinkets can be found nestled between the specialty grocery stores and Chinese restaurants.

Chinatown is very close to both a trainstation (Belgrano C ) and a bus terminal where over a dozen city buses stop at. You can get there by subte, a faster alternative to the buses, though it drops you a few blocks further away. Get off at Juramento subway station (linea D) and walk along avenida Juramento toward the east. Once you cross the railways, that street will be Arribeños.

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