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Hong Kong — By Jessy DB on November 12, 2009 at 4:57 am
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Sinfully sweet at Awfully Chocolate

Last week, while in a cab along Caine Road (map) in Central, this odd looking shop caught my attention with its prison-like railing slide doorway, pristine white walls and bold black lettering that read ‘awfullychocolate’. An unlikely sight in the middle of a street filled with old Chinese buildings, antique shops and art hubs; I set out to discover exactly what this place had to offer. How could I not? The name itself was enough to tantalise my taste buds.


As soon as I stepped in there, I was delighted to see that their menu consisted of only a few delicacies: 3 different kinds of chocolate cake in 6” or 8” whole sizes and 1 type of ice cream per single/double scoop or by pint.

The store’s specialty is dark chocolate—my absolute favourite—so you can understand why I was ecstatic to purchase a pint of their original premium dark chocolate ice cream even for HK$78. After taking a couple photos of their unique interior design, I took my pint of ice cream packaged in a quirky Chinese take away box and headed on home to have a family taste testing.


The verdict was a unanimous 5 stars. ‘Hei’ by Awfully Chocolate is a delectable ice cream that’s almost like dark chocolate shavings frozen to just the right temperature. It isn’t too creamy and melts in your mouth without giving you that heavy after feeling. Even more so, as I find with most dark chocolates, there isn’t an overpowering after taste that takes the bitter sweetness away.

Originally from Singapore, Awfully Chocolate prides itself in being simple and unique. Focusing on quality not quantity, the limited menu of cakes and ice cream is a deliberate effort to not make too much effort. By not hard selling their product to customers through over-the-top ad campaigns and hiring friendly but not pushy staff, they give their customers a chance to discover their delicacies on their own. Truthfully, it’s refreshing after living in Hong Kong all these years, what with the tired advertising, aggressive sales persons and pretentious shops.

The distinctive packaging that it comes in is quite charming and though there is initially something very sterile and bland about the shop’s design, it still manages to grab attention and attract curious passersby.

I also found the take away style to it very appealing. A lot of people coming from Soho stop at the top of Elgin Street (map), which is adjacent to Caine Road, to hail taxis or buses. Awfully Chocolate’s location makes it a true temptation for those who pass by innocently on their way home or elsewhere.

If you’re in the area, take a bite of Awfully Chocolate yourself and find out what I mean.

On their menu:

All Chocolate Cake

-       Dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate fudge

-       6” HK$178   8” HK$356

Chocolate Banana Cake

-       Chocolate cake with two layers of fresh bananas

-       6” HK$198   8” HK$396

Chocolate Rum & Cherry Cake

-       Chocolate cake with dark pitted cherries marinated in rum

-       6” HK$208   8” HK$416

Hei Ice Cream

-       Premium dark chocolate ice cream

-       Single scoop HK$28   Double scoop HK$38

-       Pint HK$78

Store locations:

Shop 15 G/F

2-4 Hysan Ave (Sun Wui Rd) (map)

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Tel (852) 2882 0450

39 Caine Road (map)

Central, Hong Kong

Tel (852) 2868 6710


Photo credit: Jessy DB, The Hong Kong Guide

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