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London — By Andrea Kirkby on November 8, 2009 at 11:57 am
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Space Hijackers At Loose in London

London has lost a lot of its marginal space – the cheap flats, the squats, the anarchic markets where much of the city’s creativity used to focus. It’s become very corporate, very flush, and very, very expensive. Which is where the Space Hijackers come in.


The Space Hijackers  are driven by their anarchist creed, but they’re not generic anarchists – they are protesters who want to reclaim the city and its spaces for ordinary people.  For instance they have held parties on the Underground – taking over a carriage with their sound systems and joie de vivre.

Their most imaginative stunt, I think, is the game of Midnight Cricket they played in the City, inviting investment bankers and bond traders to join them. The photos on their web site are amazing – a team of Space Hijackers in full cricket whites, playing under the orange glow of street lights.

They have run guerilla gardening attacks on the City (Operation Ivy League), held a ‘Funeral for the East End’, and organised a ‘Pirate Party’ in the Greenwich foot tunnel. What will they do next? I’m not sure even they know – but it will be spectacular.

I don’t necessarily buy into all the anti-capitalist politics on show on their web site, but I think Space Hijackers have a great point. We need to save London for spontaneity and enjoyment by ordinary people – against corporations and governments run by the dour and humourless. If we all lived our lives with half the imagination and flair shown by the Space Hijackers, London would be a better place to be.

Let’s party!

Photo by Eddie Dangerous on flickr

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