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Disneyland Resort’s Downtown District Store is MissMatched

How many times have you been told “You can’t wear that, it doesn’t match!”?¬† A new¬† flagship store in the heart of Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort, LittleMissMatched, begs to differ. In an innovative concept, LittleMissMatched offers a unique line of clothing for the young and young at heart set to instill creativity and individuality.

Downtown Disney District Disneyland

Downtown Disney District Disneyland

Beginning¬† in 2004, with their signature colorful socks that don’t match and are sold in sets of three, the company was founded with the hope of encouraging girls to express themselves with an anything goes philosophy. LittleMissMatched has since expanded to include not only¬†socks, but also¬†winter wear, sleepwear, books, bedding, furniture and more.

It seems only natural that the first permanent retail location  would be Disneyland Resort, a place where imagination and creativity are around every corner.  The Downtown Disney District features an eclectic blend of shops, restaurants and entertainment and is a spot for Southern California locals as well as Disneyland guests to experience.

I have my own little disney traveler with a unique sense of style and since LittleMissMatched features everything from pencil pouches to pj’s, I know what store we will be hitting next!

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