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Atlanta — By Linda Erbele on November 6, 2009 at 11:44 am

Callaway Gardens has free admission today

It’s the birthday of Cason J. Callaway – and Callaway Gardens (see map)is celebrating the day with free admission. There will be an organ concern from noon to 4 at the Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel.  I grew up about 30 minutes away from this beautiful garden, and it was referred to by the name of the family matriarch, as in, “You going to Ida Cason’s this weekend?” At that time it was one of the few things to do in our small town. But Callaway Gardens has worked hard to become a destination.

The butterflys amaze children and adults both.

There are 13000 acres of lush

The butterflys amaze children and adults both.

gardens to explore, including 17 miles of trails to bike or hike, lakes for fishing (and water sports during the season.)  It was named one of the Top 50 Tennis Resorts in the nation by Tennis Magazine and its golf course is among the top-rated in the country. There are a number of lodging options (and specials.)

Fall lasts a little longer at Callaway.

Fall lasts a little longer at Callaway.

There’s always something going on at Callaway. In the spring, it’s a must-see for its 20,000 azaleas and at Christmas, its Fantasy in Lights. (More about that next week!) The butterfly house alone is worth the 45 minutes it’ll take you to get there.

If you can get the afternoon off – slip on down I-85 south to Callaway this afternoon. You’ll find good reason to come back again and again.

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