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Edinburgh — By Andy Hayes on November 5, 2009 at 6:29 am

Movie Theatres in Edinburgh

Visiting Edinburgh and fancy a few hours in the cinema? Maybe it’s a dark and dreary day and you won’t miss sightseeing for a few hours while you relax indoors.  Here’s the three best movie theatres in Edinburgh for any visitor to check out the latest on screen action.

filmhouse boxoffice edinburgh

Filmhouse boxoffice

  • Omni Centre – this is the most centrally located cinema, just down a few blocks from the east end of Princes Street.  It’s relatively new and is a complex with theatre, restaurants and bars, and a gymnasium.  Here you’ll find the latest Hollywood blockbuster hits, bulging bowls of popcorn and oversized Cokes.  It might just be what your weary feet are after.
  • Filmhouse – found in the Tollcross neighbourhood down Lothian Road (which starts at the west end of Princes Street) is the city’s arthouse cinema.  They have a fantastic array of indie showings and if you’re anything of a film buff, you simply must stop by – our previous review of the Films Made in Edinburgh is the perfect example of what you get.
  • Cameo – somewhat the smaller sister of the Filmhouse, Cameo has tons of charm, a wonderful cosy little bar, and again, a great lineup of indie hits.  They show lots of UK films as well, so well worth checking it out if that’s your thing.

There’s other cinemas in Edinburgh but if you’re on limited time, check out these top three.

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