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Delicious Barcelona Cafes. Tarte and Quiche.

A couple times a week you will find me reading the newspaper (some people still do that) over coffee and croissants around 10am. I dunk the croissant in the foamy coffee and try to take in the days news while others around me do the same, or smoke cigarettes with espresso, or chatter into cell phones making their plans for the rest of the day. It’s a relaxed way to take a mid-morning break or breakfast in my case.

Tarte and Quiche. By Regina Winkle-Bryan

Tarte and Quiche. By Regina Winkle-Bryan

I rotate through several cafes but one has really caught my attention lately. At first, I didn’t like it because the staff was rude, but their muffins were so good that I decided to go back and give it another go. The staff was slightly less irritating the next time, and the muffin was better than before. Not letting attitude come between me and a good snack, I went back a third time, and the waiter (who it turns out is also the owner) actually smiled, recognizing both me and my addiction to his baked goods. Persistence, once again, pays off.

Tarte and Quiche is delicious. Their orange muffins are what I go for, but anything in their tiny display will knock your socks off. Try them in the morning for breakfast or in the evening for a pick-you-up. Remember, they may seem like they want to slap you at first, but they will warm up over time and yes, even become friendly.

The Info: Arago 39, Barcelona Eixample. www.tartequiche.com

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