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Travel With a Greener Credit Card

Most of us don’t travel with cash only, we travel with credit. With that in mind, why not choose a sustainable credit card that actually supports your eco-ethics? There are three credit cards from ShoreBank Pacific that allow you to do just that.

green credit cards

ShoreBank Pacific already has a stellar background as an eco-friendly banking option and now they’ve partnered with three different eco-organizations to bring you three credit cards with different green options. The three…

Green America credit card: Green America (formerly Co-op America) is an awesome eco-organization and their new credit card helps contributes to a more sustainable economy. For each purchase made using the new card, the interchange income is split between ShoreBank Pacific and Green America to support people and the planet. Green America is a national nonprofit that’s been promoting environmental sustainability and social and economic justice for years and years. Their website is a mass of eco-info for consumers that focuses on economic strategies for a more just and sustainable society – tackling climate change, building fair trading systems, stopping corporate abuse, and helping people and businesses everywhere become more sustainable.

The ReDirectGuide credit card: I LOVE ReDirect Guide (they’re local to me). With this card ShoreBank Pacific has partnered up with ReDirect Guide to offer a credit card that provides discounts at sustainably-minded businesses. The businesses are not just local though. You can shop online plus your purchases anywhere support both green companies. Visit ReDirect Guide’s website for a listing of partnering businesses offering discounts. PLUS ShoreBank Pacific is issuing this credit card in conjunction with Sustainable Travel International.

Salmon Nation credit card: For each purchase made using the card, a percentage of the interchange income is split between ShoreBank Pacific and Ecotrust to support Salmon Nation. The goal of this card is to create a citizenry that makes behavioral choices that contribute to enhancing the health of whole watersheds and the economies of the people that live in them.

Learn more about these new green credit cards, and choose one to travel with that fits your ethics.

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