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Green Travel — By Jennifer on October 25, 2009 at 1:36 am
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Three Crazy Easy Ways to Travel Green

Some green travel tasks take more doing than others. Finding the best eco-destination for example, because there’s so many around, or locating some sort of green cruise (pretty much impossible). However, there are some super easy things you can do on your next trip to make your travels green that won’t cost you your sanity.

easy ways to travel green

Pack lighter: The U.S. Department of Energy notes that for each 50 pounds you lose, a vehicle’s fuel efficient increases by 1 percent, which may not seem like much but it adds up. Now, you maybe shouldn’t lose 50 pounds, but your luggage can. If you add up all the luggage that an average family travels with, I’m sure you could lose some gear. Bonus, not only is this an easy eco-friendly travel tip, but it’s less junk to physically lug in and out of the car.

Snap pics with rechargeable batteries: According to the Daily Green, “More than 15 billion batteries are thrown away each year.” That is a ton of landfill trash to contend with. IF you avoid one use cameras and go digital with rechargeable batteries, you’ll significantly lower your footprint painlessly and save money! Plus, this means you can share photos online vs. in print which cuts your footprint even more.

Fly direct: Flying direct when you need to fly can save you big time on both stress and emissions. Like cars, planes burn more fuel when starting up and stopping (or in a plane’s case, taking off and landing0. Flying at a constant altitude results in less CO2. Switching over flights is no picnic anyhow. If you’re thinking a direct flight is too costly, but were planning on buying some travel carbon credits for your trip – skip the credits and fly direct instead – a better eco-choice.

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