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Walk in the Woods in Sintra

Sintra (map) is a mysterious mountain with breathtaking scenery. Many are the trails you can walk, from deep forest to rough treks along the sea. From almost anywhere around Sintra, you’ll be able to spot some of it’s Palaces, Castle, Convents and white washed village. Sintra looks more like a fairy tail mountain than a common one. In fact there’s nothing common about Sintra. The Mount of the Moon, as it’s also named, is an ancient sacred site, and while walking around it’s very frequent to come across traces of recent ceremonies.


We left the main street into a dirt road that leads us into the woods. As we enter the shade, our senses become more alive… The trees seem to sparkle. Everyone becomes silence and the only sound we can hear is the boots hitting the ground and the birds singing.

In Sintra, the scenery changes very fast, within just a few meters. From deep forest into a serene river site or strange rock formations, and further along into a rough dried trail. But one should take some measures not to leave the trail because it’s quite easy to get lost. But if you do, Sintra is small enough to just keep going in one direction.

There’s nothing better than a picnic at the end (or during) the walk. Just find yourself the right spot with a nice view and just relax to the sun…

Photo Credit: Alexandre Kühl Oliveira

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