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Learn Dutch or rather not?

No need not learn Dutch when you visit Amsterdam because (almost) everyone speaks English. Still it is nice to know some basic phrases.

Dutch is not a very difficult language to learn and not nearly as complicated as German or Czech.

woordenboekSome Dutch phrases or combination of words are difficult to pronounce. All languages have tongue twister. A famous English one is:

She sells sea shells by the sea shore
And the shells she sells are seashore shells I’m sure

Wikiquote has an entertaining list of Dutch phrases that even Dutch natives find hard to pronounce.

Try this one
Nat gras is glad gras.

Wet grass is slippery grass


Knaap, de knappe kapper knipt en kapt heel knap. Maar de knecht van Knaap de knappe kapper, knipt en kapt veel knapper dan Knaap de knappe kapper zelf knipt en kapt.

Knaap the handsome barber cuts and curls very good. But Knaap the Handsome Barber’s aid cuts and curls much better than Knaap the Handsome Barber cuts and curls

The next one is not difficult to pronounce when said slowly, but when you try to say it fast three times in succession the consonant combination makes it impossible.

De meid van de bakker snijdt recht en de knecht van de bakker snijdt scheef.
The maid of the baker cuts straight and the aid of the baker cuts non-straight

Master some of these phrases and impress your friends.

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