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Las Vegas — By Lynn Goya on September 24, 2009 at 12:58 pm

Sustainable Vegas: Harrah’s joins Team Earth

Team Earth is asking 1 million people to step up and make their voices heard over the next 6 weeks.

In the past five years, interest in saving the planet has skyrocketed resulting in hundreds, if not thousands, Fall colors -- orange of groups working to raise awareness on everything from carbon footprints to water shortages to how to install a solar panel on your roof.  One of the unintended consequences has been an information overload where consumers and corporations that want to help may have a hard time actually finding helpful, focused information.

Team Earth hopes to cut through the green clutter.  It brings together businesses, non-profit organizations, scientists, educators and individuals to maintain sustainability and economic growth.  Led by Conservation International, its founding partners include Dell, SC Johnson, Starbucks, Harrah’s Entertainment and Wrigley.  The team hopes to use social networking to help people connect and be more efficient in their efforts.

The founding team members already have helped to protect and restore more than four million acres of tropical forest land, an area twice the size of the size of the entire New York metropolitan region. They have also implemented efficiency efforts that have collectively saved more than 1.75 million Megawatt hours – enough to power more than 150,000 US household for a year.

The current push joins Prince Charles’ Rainforests Project to combat climate change by saving forests.  The organization hopes to get 1 million people to sign up to help influence the world leaders who will finalize a new climate agreement in Copenhagen in two months.

“We need everyone to sign up today. We cannot guarantee that we will succeed, but we know for certain that without an effort like this, we will surely fail.”

Are You In?

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