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5 Great Reasons to Fall in Love with Hawaii this Fall

The weather outside?  Well, It’s always pretty much the same here in Hawaii: warm and sunny.  There are really only two seasons here in the islands: wet or dry.  With Fall quickly approaching, there are just a few things that are different: the kids go back to school, there are fewer tourists, the waves get bigger on the northern coast, and the landscape begins to turn a deeper shade of green.  For those reasons alone, here’s are some reasons to fall in love with Hawaii this fall.

  1. Bishop Museum: If the kids go back to school, so should you!  Oahu’s special Bishop Museum, a center that combines Hawaiian history with science and the arts, is a unique showcase of Polynesian and local artifacts and information.
  2. Pearl Harbor: Now that summer’s over, the crowds everywhere, including one of Hawaii’s most popular sights, Pearl Harbor, thins out.  This means that endless line to get to the Arizona Memorial is much shorter.
  3. Haleiwa: Fall means winter is just around the corner, and that means Oahu’s famous North Shore will soon kick into high gear.  Head to Haleiwa to begin your tour of what locals call the “country.”
  4. Hiking: The weather in Hawaii is just right during the fall — not too hot, not too cold.  That means you can enjoy the great outdoors without getting too wet with rain or sweat.
  5. Travel deals: Hawaii’s economy relies on tourism, and in this recession companies are eager to bring visitors to the islands for cheaper than cheap.
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  • Lynn says:

    I remember once, hiking with my family up Mauna Loa. Hot, sweaty, sticky, vague recollections of ripe yellow fruit if am not imagingin that, dizzying heights which, if not so much high were steep and within rather close proximity.

    We stopped to rest for a moment when it levelled off, and noticed these two very manly Marines (they had passed us earlier) returning back. Said they came to a rope ladder but they just didnt’ feel safe about it.

    We figured if the Marines didn’t feel safe, perhaps we should turn back, too. Sometimes you have to go with your gut instinct.

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