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St Petersburg — By Ivan Stupachenko on September 18, 2009 at 1:37 pm

Four things to do in the fall in St. Petersburg

Well, you would have not said that the autumn has now come to St. Petersburg, since it’s surprisingly still warm! But anyway to make things I’m writing about in this post you should be equipped well because there  are out of door. These are trips, usually one-day, to St. Petersburg’s outskirts. I have chosen these four because are most suitable to visit them in the fall.

1. You cannot ignore visiting the Ekaterininsky park located in the little town of Pushkin, which is in fact a district of St. Petersburg, thoug it lives its own life and is about 25 kilometres from the “big” city.  Pushkin named after the greatest Russian poet Alexander Puhkin (he studied here) has the Ekaterininsky Palace with a park. Visiting the palace which is a museum right now is a good thing too, but walking in a beautiful and picturesque park makes you no less happy than  watching paintings and other attractive items. How it look like? The best analogue is Versailles!

How to get there. You travel by metro to the Moskovskaya station where you take a regular bus costing now about 60 rubles. Bus numbers are 342, 286, 287, 545 and 347. Travel time is about 40 minutes if road is congestion-free.

The entrance to the park costs 180 rubles.

2. Vyborg. It’s a little town with a very rich history, being governed by Sweden and Finland, with the only kept (not restored, I mean, authentical medieval castle in Russia. The spirit of old times is infiltered in its narrow streets and houses. The town was built in XIIIth century and saw many battles in different wars.

The heart of Vyborg is the castle with its great Olaf Tower. Now the castle hosts a local museum with a very rich collection, I visited it some time ago.

Another lovely place in Vyborg is the park Monrepo with interesting buildings, silence and a taste of those old times, when Vyborg was a piece of Scandinavia.

How to get. Go to metro stations Grazhdansky prospect or Parnas or Devaytkino and take there a regular bus to the town, number 830. It’s about 200 rubles. travel time is nearly three hours.

3. Gatchina. It’s a little town, a half an hour trip from St. Petersburg, not such nice and attractive as Vyborg, but with the only palace-castle in the nearby of St. Petersburg. This palace-castle, which is also a museum now, was built in the XVIIIth century, and has a great collection of items of different sorts. But I tell you about it somewhen in the future n detail, now I want to invite you to the park that is located just behind the building. It’s not very picturesque, not so adorned and cleeaned as the one in Pushkin, but it’s huge, with many little houses that served to needs of the Emperor’s family and not often walked paths. It’s just a walk in wood with many little lakes and new findings.  The entrance is free.

How to get to: Go to the metro station Moskovskaya, then take a regular bus 18 or 100.

4. Shlisselburg. The name is derivative from a German “Schluessel”, a “key” in English, in other words this is a “key town”. the name belongs to the town that is located just at the place where the Neva river is leaking out of the Ladoga lake. So, the one controlling the town has a control over all ships heading for St. Petersburg and further the Gulf of Finland. The town itself is not very interesting, what you have to visit is a fortress called Oreshek (a “nut”). Built many centuries ago, it “closes” the way from the lake into the river, and all ships were within reach of the fortress’es guns. During the World War II the fortress was fighting against the fascists fiercely, and now it’s a museum which unites military constructions and weapons and other items of different epochs. The most impressive is a authentic wall with numerous traces of bullets dated back to the WWII.

The fortress is located at an island, thus it;’s fully isolated from land. it means that your travel there consists of two steps. At first, you go the metro station Dybenko, find there a regulat bus 575, go to Shlisselburg (travel time is about 40 minutes, fare is about 50 rubles) and there you take a boat which delivers you to the island. Entrance fee is 170 rubles.

Every trip takes you a day, no matter how long it takes to get to the destination.

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