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South Florida — By klynch on September 10, 2009 at 10:15 am

Treasure Coast Pirate Fest

Photo Credit: mydeardelilah @ flickr

Photo Credit: mydeardelilah @ flickr

Calling all ye pirates – the time has come for you to gather up your pirate gear and head to historic downtown Stuart for the 2nd Annual Treasure Coast Pirate Fest. This family-friendly event combines good food, a treasure hunt and live entertainment.

When: September 12-13

Time: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Where: Historic Downtown Stuart

Cost: FREE

Activities: Visit your favorite pirate-themed vendors, enjoy a bite to eat, watch the children’s talent show, participate in the costume contests (one for children and one for just adults) or watch the pirate performers. Although the weekend in itself will keep you entertained, it’s the treasure hunt that I really like. Each team will be given a set of clues. Then, they must find each shop in order to qualify for the grand prize drawing. Merchants will provide each family a trinket to prove they solved each clue. The hunt is limited to the first 100 families so be sure to sign up early.

They are even having a 2010 Hot Pirate Babes Calendar Release Party. (Hmm… in Stuart?) We might have to see about that one.

The Treasure Coast Pirate Fest goes to benefit Stuart Heritage, Inc.

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  • J D Swiss says:

    This was the poorest event I have ever been to! After pre registering my family for the treasure hunt and calling to verify it they told us when we got there they gave it away and there was nothing they could do as they did not follow the pre registration list as intended. Then we see that the show schedule was not being followed at all and all the contests they advertised were hit or miss at best {mostly a miss}. My entire family was to be entered into the family costume contest advertised on the web site and radio only to find out when we got there they forgot to put it on the agenda they were giving out so it was to be canceled. This event was so poorly run that there was no plundering just blundering. Every thing about this event is a complete waste of time from the $5.00 snow cones to the $10.00 lunch’s and good luck finding a soda vender there were none but the beer tent is easy to find just look for the heads of the event.

  • That’s too bad. This sounded like such a great event.

  • Jason Bidoff says:

    The event was total kayos! There were no signs anywhere in town telling you were to go and none telling you were to park. There was no one directing people were to park so after driving 1/2 hr down a dead end in bumper to bumper traffic only to find all spots taken we had to park almost a mile away. When we got to the information booth we were told by the two people there that they did not know anything about what was going on at the event and that they were only volunteers? WTF? We were told to look for the event coordinaters whom were wearing badges around there necks, funny the only place they were to be found was at the beer garden. Who in the hell put this event on two blind deaf and dumb monkeys? A Complete waste of time unless you like $6.00 snow cones and cold greasy $11.00 lunch plates with free fly’s as nothing was covered or kept at proper temp.

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