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Lisbon — By Alexandre Kühl Oliveira on September 9, 2009 at 7:30 am

Multicultural gethering at Lisbon historic centre – Septembre

Wear a sari, cut hair on a Chinese or African hair dresser, dance like in Bollywood are just a few of the possibilities from 10th to the 13th of Septembre.

This is more than just a festival. The mixing of cultures that now form the whole Lisbon will bring photography, cinema, dancing, gastronomy and much more. The gatherings take place in the old part of town, contributing to the overall felling. Stores, restaurants, hair dressers, associations and recreation centres are just a few of the places that are involved.

Not to miss if you enjoy going deeper into the underground culture scene.

Where: Martim Moniz (map)
How much: Free

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