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I recently found out that beyond supporting worldwide wildlife endeavors, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has been taking travelers around the world on awesome wildlife-viewing expeditions. Since this has been going on since 1983 one might think I’d been living in a cave. Still, I know now, and the trips that the WWF plans are totally green-friendly.

Why travel with WWF?

  • WWF only works with tour operators that share their eco-goals which are extensive.
  • WWF tours takes place in one destination, rather skipping from country to country. By focusing on one place, you decrease flying time (yay less emissions) and get to know that region better.
  • WWF tries to choose communities who are empowered to run sustainable tourism ventures and protect wildlife. And the lodges and hotels on these tours are eco-friendly.
  • If you choose a cruise with WWF you’ll be going on a small ship, which have a smaller carbon footprint than large ships – although I’d suggest you skip the cruise and stick to the land if you really want to be eco-friendly. There’s little to recommend that’s green and cruise related.
  • WWF thinks beyond trips and even their marketing efforts are green. Brochures are printed on recycled content paper made from sustainably sourced trees. The ink is soy based. In recent years they’ve increased electronic marketing vs paper mailing marketing through a newly designed website, special emails and e-newsletters.
  • One of their travel partners is Natural Habitat Adventures, the world’s first carbon neutral travel company. They offset 100% of the greenhouse gas emissions used on trips, and they offset office and all operations associated with running its business.
  • A portion of your tour cost (between 5% and 10%) is directly contributed to WWF’s general conservation fund, to support their work around the world.

The WWF makes it easy to choose a trip that’s right for you. You can search by wildlife you’d like to see, by region, or by type; for example “family trip” or “snorkeling.” Some of the trips I think sound good include…

They have tons more to choose from though. Visit the WWF travel pages to learn more or download their 2010 travel catalog (pdf).

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  • Joe Griffith says:

    Great info I didn’t know this existed. thanks I will past this along

  • That trip they do to Bhutan looks awesome!..

    I’ve been hearing about Bhutan recently as a truly unique place to visit. Its only been open for tourists to visit extremely recently (relatively) and is therefore one of the few places on earth that you can get close to a truly authentic experience. Add the WWF to this mix and the combination sounds extremely exciting. It doesn’t come cheap though (!)…

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