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South Florida — By klynch on September 1, 2009 at 10:14 am

Smiling Their Way Through Orlando

photo credit: xtheowl @ flickr

photo credit: xtheowl @ flickr

A few months ago I posted on what might be considered a dream job – being a smile ambassador for the “Orlando Makes Me Smile” campaign. The campaign has begun and winners Kyle Post and Stacey Doornbos will be spending 67 days experiencing the ins and outs of Orlando, hitting the tourist destinations and of course, smiling. In addition to being able to spend 67 days in Orlando, they will receive a condo, $25,000 in cash, cell phones, digital video and still cameras, a rental car and more. What a perfect way to highlight the tourist destinations in Orlando.

Their first day consisted of a trip to Discovery Cove where they fed a stingray, pet a shark, fed the birds, swam with the dolphins. Since then, they went to an O.A.R. concert at Hard Rock, watched the shuttle launch and went to the farmer’s market.

If you are planning a trip to Orlando, want to learn more about what the area has to offer or just follow these two on their Orlando adventures, they will be on twitter, facebook and blogging about their daily escapades. Oooh – the power of the Internet.

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