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Amsterdam — By Marianne on August 27, 2009 at 7:00 am

Amsterdam OV Chipkaart, Public Transport Card

Strippenkaart and 24–48-72 and 96-hour travel cards are no longer accepted on the Amsterdam metro from 27 August 2009.

You will need the following cards to travel on Amsterdam public transport
OV chipkaart for the Metro
OV chipkaart or strippenkaart for trams and buses

The OV chipkaart is a rechargeable stored-value ticket and comparable to Hong Kong’s Octopus and London’s Oyster cards.

There are three types of OV chipkaart

  • Personalised card
  • Disposable card
  • Anonymous card
1-hour Travel Card

1-hour Travel Card

Personalised Card
This card is meant for Amsterdam residents and only interesting for tourists if they stay for a very long time or are very regular visitors.

Disposable Card
This card is suited for visitors staying for a few days.
1-hour ticket €2.60
24-hour ticket €7
48-hour ticket €11.50
72-hour ticket €15
96-hour ticket €18
Single night ticket €3.50

Anonymous Card
This card is ideal for visitors staying in Amsterdam for a week or longer or for those using public transport frequently. This card costs an initial €7.50 and is valid for five years. The anonymous card holds all tickets of the disposable card but can also be credited with €30 PAYG, pay as you go.

Cards can be bought at
GVB (Public Transport Amsterdam) vending machines.
GVB and info, Stationsplein opposite centraal station
Tobacconists, Albert Heijn Supermakets, Bruna Bookshops, post-office agencies and VVV offices (tourist Information Office).

How to use your anonymous card.
Pass your card over the sensor pad near the entrance / exit door of trams and buses, or at the barrier for the metro, when entering and when leaving trams, buses or metros.

Sensor pad in Tram

Failing to check in means that you travel without a valid ticket. Inspectors patrol trams and buses regularly. If you are caught without a valid ticket, the fine is €35.

If you fail to check out €4 will be deducted from your credit. If you fail to check out more than 12 times in a two-week period, your card will be blocked.

Note on PAYG
Basic fee is €0.75 (simply to get on the tram, bus or metro) plus €0.10 for every kilometer. This means that the minimum cost for each journey is €0.85.
If you change trams within 35 mins the basic €0.75 fee will not be charged again.
Each person needs their own card. Don’t forget to check in and out for each rides.

Just leave a comment if you have a question about Amsterdam public transport. I will be happy to answer you.

Photo credits: 1-hour Card Flickr, Sensor Pad Flickr


  • Marzban Batliwala says:

    I am in amsterdam for Business for 1.5 months and travel between Amstelveen – Zuid – Centrall Station.
    Can you please tell me if the Season ticket for 2 zones is good and still valid or do i need a anaonymus ov_chipkaart.
    Please let me know ASAP as my Season ticket from 2/9/09 to 1/10/09 would expire in few days and GVB mentioned that they would not renew the Season ticket in the coming month. Please help

  • Marianne says:

    If you travel on the metro, you will need the anonymous ov chip card.If you travel by bus and / or tram you can use your season ticket or strippenkaart

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