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Seattle — By Mary Jo Manzanares on August 26, 2009 at 4:00 am

CONTEST: Road Trippin’ with Kia Forte

Oh sure, we’ve gotten used to heading to the airport for a quick flight to somewhere fun.  But don’t turn your back on the classic road trip!  It’s a chance to hit the road without worrying about your liquids and gels – just pack up your gear, throw in a road atlas and your favorites tunes, and set out on the road for a great adventure.  Whether you have a set destination, or are traveling free where the mood takes you, the great road trip has nourished the soul of travelers for decades.

You have to have some plans, though, and that starts with your vehicle.  If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, one that would be easy on the budget and perfect for a road trip, take a look at the new Kia Forte.  They can help make your road trip affordable, and are sponsoring a pretty cool giveaway to make road trippin’ just a tiny bit easier.

First, the car:

Kia Forte exterior

The Kia Forte will not only get you from point A to point B, but do so in affordable comfort and style.  How affordable?  Well, the price range can vary based on a variety of extras, but a comfortable and attractive Forte prices out in the neighborhood of $14,000.  And that’s a darned affordable neighborhood.  Just because you’re on a road trip doesn’t mean you have to rough it, either.  The Forte is full of comfort and amenities.  Here’s what the company has to say about the car:

There have been many firsts throughout time. Like the invention of the engine, the first vehicle to be incredibly safe, the first vehicle to be incredibly powerful. There have been many designers that mastered their craft. There have been plenty of technological innovations such as satellite radio, MP3 devices and Bluetooth. As an automotive company, we weren’t the first at any of these. But when it comes to putting all of this into a compact car, we are pioneers. The Forte. The first of its kind.

Kia Forte interior Now for the contest:

To celebrate the release of its new Forte, Kia is offering is offering a Road Trip Giveaway to one lucky reader of The Seattle Traveler.  Here’s what the prize includes:

  • One $25 Fandango gift card.  You’ve got to get off the road sometime, and why not make it for a movie?!  Find a nice air conditioned theater and enjoy a little time off the road.  Or, perhaps better yet, find one of the few remaining drive-in theaters and keep the road trip theme going!
  • One Nike+ Starter Kit (No matter what, while on a road-trip, it is imperative to take a break and stretch your legs and get that blood pumping.  The starter kit will do just that, and keep track of your distance, too.

Here’s all you need to do to enter the contest:

  • Head on over to the Kia Forte Facebook page
  • Click the “Links” Tab at the top of the page
  • Take a read through one of Kia Forte reviews and choose a feature or amenity that YOU think would be helpful on your road  trip
  • Share your choice in the comments section below this post

That’s it!  That’s all you have to do.  You can thank the nice folks at Kia for this giveaway by taking a few minutes to learn about the Forte, and report back in the comments below.  I’ll select a random number, match it up with the comments, and select a winner.  If you want to get a second entry, just make a note in your comment that you have also become a Fan of the Kia Forte Facebook page.  (This will be verified, so no fudging! )

Valid email required.  Deadline for contest entries is Tuesday, September 1st at midnight (Pacific Time).

Photo credit:  Courtesy of Kia

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