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IslandWood at Bainbridge Island – Eco-travel for Kids & Adults

IslandWood, located on Bainbridge Island just about a half hour outside of Seattle in Washington State, has a lot of green going for it – especially when it comes to how they cater to children.

Students get a new perspective on science and math lessons from a tree house overlooking a bog, one of six different natural elements in the IslandWood watershed.

Just the facts:

IslandWood is a unique 255-acre outdoor learning center that aims to provide exceptional learning experiences that inspire lifelong environmental and community stewardship. At IslandWood, nature learning and experiences comes alive for children and adults through: experiential “hands-on” education, use of the environment as a classroom, diverse learning style, integration of science, technology and the arts, sustainable practices, and more.

A class of fifth graders learns about composting in the garden greenhouse at IslandWood. Hands-on learning experiences are a key component in the IslandWood curriculum.

There are plenty of learning experiences at IslandWood created to meet varying needs:

  • Three hour nature tours that showcase the bog, cattail marsh, pond, beautiful forest and ravine.plus the tour offers a chance to learn about the various sustainable elements of the buildings as well as the educational programs offered.
  • 4 day residential School Overnight Program for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students in the Puget Sound region.
  • Spring and summer camp programs for kids and family weekends as well.
  • Kids programs incorporate all sorts of nature experiences and sustainable living practices.
  • Meeting facilities made to accommodate a small group or even a conference for 150 people.
  • And more!

IslandWood's Welcome Center

Green facilities:

IslandWood’s facilities and site are utterly green with loads of eco-benefits, such as…

  • LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.
  • Solar meadows and building orientations maximize passive solar gain.
  • High performance windows.
  • All concrete contains 50% flyash, a recycled utility waste product of coal.
  • Natural ventilation replaces air conditioning.
  • Walk-off mats at entry doors are made from recycled tires.
  • Many building materials are left untreated to reduce off-gassing of volatile organic compounds.
  • Roof rainwater collected at several buildings used for landscape irrigation.
  • Wood harvested from solar meadows used for exterior siding and interior trim throughout project.
  • More than 50% of wood products are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

The above is just a small glimpse. IslandWood is doing so much more to keep their land and facilities green that you’ll be amazed. A trip to IslandWood is more than just basic travel it’s travel with a green education slant. If you’re going to be near Seattle, why not plan a visit. If you live nearby, consider how beneficial a summer camp program will be for your child.

Visit the IslandWood website to learn more about the programs they offer.

[image via IslandWood]

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