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Take a Tour on the Little Blue Ferries of False Creek

One of the best bets for your money, whether you’re a tourist or a local, is the all-day pass for a round the Creek tour on the little blue False Creek Ferries.  For $14. ($10 for seniors) you can cruise all around the Creek, get off any stop you want for a look, hop back on, and continue all the way from Science World to the Maritime Museum.

These ferries are part of the Vancouver transit system and provide a unique perspective on one of the city’s most interesting a vibrant areas.  They’re safe and reliable and lots of fun to cruise around on.

We got on the ferry at Science World (the dock is down below the walkway leading to the south side of False Creek.)  You might want to stop for a visit at Science World first as there’s lots to see there.

Our first stop was the Plaza of Nations. Take a look around at nearby B.C. Place Stadium or visit the Edgewater Casino right by the dock.  Then hop back on the next little boat, and head over to Stamps Landing where you might want to stop for lunch at Monk McQueens. We opted to by-pass this stop and went on to Granville Island, however there’s another stop as well, Yaletown, where you might want to check out the shops and restaurants.

At Granville Island we spent quite a bit of time browsing around the market and shops,  ate lunch on the wharf and watched the kids watching a magic show.  Then we boarded another little ferry and headed over to the Aquatic Centre stop where we changed boats for our onward trip to the Maritime Museum.

There’s a dog beach there and it’s walking distance from Kitsilano Beach. It’s also next to Vanier Park (where currently Bard on the Beach has their tents set up) and the Vancouver Museum and Space Centre. The Maritime Museum is worth a visit if you have time.  We were lucky to spot a replica Viking boat sailing in to shore as we landed.  There’s lots of other interesting heritage boats moored there as well.

Then we headed back to our original destination, Science World,  with a  transfer at Granville Island.  The tour around the Creek made for a pleasant and interesting day’s outing. It’s certainly family friendly. The kids will love those little ferries, and there’s lots to see as you cruise the False Creek.  Certainly worth every dollar if you want a fun and informative sightseeing trip.

NOTE: Be sure you get the BLUE Granville Island Ferries, as the Rainbow coloured ones have different routes and prices.

PHOTOS by W. Ruth Kozak

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