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August Weather in Amsterdam

Although Amsterdam is an all year destination, August is a very good month for a visit. Together with July, it is the warmest month of the year. Temperatures never soar to unbearable heights. An average day temperature of 22°C or 72°F is ideal for a stroll through the city.

Outdoor Cafes along the Canal

Outdoor Cafes along the Canal


Outdoor cafes have set up along leafy canals and coffee shops put tables and seats up front. August is also the best month for outdoor activities, but bring a jacket because evenings can be chilly, especially when it’s windy.

Many festivals take place this month. Bring an umbrella because the average rainfall is 71 mm or 2.8 inch. August is not the wettest month, but hardly ever without any rain at all. (wettest month is December 84 mm or 3.3 inch).

During August, schools are closed and many locals are away holidaying abroad. Don’t expect to have the city all to yourself because the influx of foreign visitors makes up for locals.

Beat the long queues at Anne Frankhuis and Van Gogh Museum by either arriving very early or simply buy your ticket online. Hotels and hostels are full to capacity. Prices are at their highest. Make your reservations in advance. Allow yourself plenty of time when checking in at Schiphol Airport because the lines at the security check are very long.

What to Do in Amsterdam in August

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