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Backroads: Green Family Trip Advisor

Backroads is an eco-friendly travel agency with plenty of perks. An excellent new feature for families at Backroads is the Family Trip Advisor. The advisor walks you through some super fast questions about your family – ages of kiddos, when you want to go, if your family is moderately or super active, and so on. Then they calculate a few perfect ideas for your circumstances.

I used the family advisor tonight to see what trips might pop up and mine were:

  • The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone – Good! I love the Tetons. In fact – that’s me in the above picture, at said Tetons. Pretty! (The mountains I mean)
  • Canadian Rockies – I haven’t been here but dang the video looks amazing.I sure want to go now.
  • San Juan Islands, Washington – This is a beautiful and fun area – a bit less explored and peaceful.

All these places are actually very good choices for me. I’m not the biggest fan of Yellowstone in particular, but the other places I would love to visit (or visit again). I was surprised they offered trips that do fit the sorts of things I like to do. The advisor is interactive in that a speaker tells you about each place – which was cool, and the video itself had beautiful images of each area.

Backroads has way more perks than this one feature though…

  • They support communities in areas where they plan trips for clients.
  • They encourage employees to bike to work with a reimbursement program, give credits for carpooling and using public transportation and offer office employees three (paid) “flex days” annually to donate their time to doing community service.
  • They participate in tons of eco and non-profit events – Climate Ride and Summer Search to name a couple.
  • They have an energy efficient headquarters – 100% of the lighting fixtures at their Berkeley, CA offices have compact fluorescent bulbs, water bottles are recyclable and they use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper in the majority of their printed marketing materials. Plus they offer a great web portal for guests which replaces excess printed materials with electronic versions.
  • All Backroads leaders are trained to minimize impact on the environment, practice Leave No Trace principles on the trail, recycle whenever possible, and donate leftover foods to various community programs.
  • They purchase carbon offsets to offset 100% of the fuel used on trips with support vans.
  • And more.

About the travel:

Backroads offers the following sorts of trips in various areas and plenty of countries…

Their whole motto surrounds active and fun vacations that are as sustainable as possible and also offer the perfect choice for you in particular. These are not cookie cutter vacations. If you know you want to travel responsibly, but aren’t sure where you and your family should go, I’d check out the new Backroads Family Trip Advisor – located on their homepage; it’s fun and useful.

[image via Jennifer Chait]

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