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Smart Beach Tour 2009 hits Munich

What can be better than spending your Sunday afternoon at a beach? The sand, the sun, the hot chicks playing volleyball…Well look no further than the Smart Beach Tour which has come to Munich for the weekend. The

volleyball blockTheresienwiese, better known as the location of the Oktoberfest, has been transformed into a sunkissed beach spot where international beach volleyball teams have come to strut their stuff. For 0€ you can spend your whole Sunday starting at 9am watching the best of Europe spike their way into the finals. With the men’s and women’s teams competing for a 20.000€ prize, you can imagine that the day will be filled with surprises, heartbreak felt by most, but victory will be tasted by few.

Going along with Munich’s summer theme of “We Love Active Summer”, this is the first of many summer competitions in order to promote healthy outdoor activities and the enjoyment of summer sports.

So get out your sunblock and head over to the Smart Beach Tour , unfortunately the website is in German. But above is all the information you need to have in order to make a fantastically informed decision!

0€, 9am, Theresienwiese.

See you there!

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