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Munich — By themunichguide on June 9, 2009 at 10:03 am
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Pasta e Basta: Italian Night for a few €

As I am currently out of a full time job, I’m looking for every opportunity to pinch a few pennies. Yet, I would still like to go out for dinner occasionally. Is that so wrong?

Let me introduce Pasta e Basta. From 3,25€ you can chow down on delicious pastas, pizzas, 2,75€ desserts and 2,55€ salads. My favorite pizza would be the Rucola Ricotta which sets you at 3,75€. Did I mention that these servings are also enormous? Although Pasta e Basta is a Munich-wide chain, it always employs several Italians at any given location, which leads to my number one rule about international cuisine: If the natives like it, it must be good!

There are various Pasta e Basta locations around Munich, which are easy to get to on the U-Bahn, one at Münchener Freiheit and another at Universität. There is also one on Theresienstraße and out in Westend.

So wouldn’t you rather have a delicious meal for under 7€ and use the money you saved elsewhere? I know I would! So grab your friends, your family, a 10€ note and choose a location. You won’t be disappointed!

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