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Amsterdam — By Marianne on April 30, 2009 at 10:00 am

Schiphol Layover: Trapped at the Airport

Schiphol, Amsterdam’s Airport is a popular transport hub. It is a good place to have a layover because the airport is large and varied. If your layover is scheduled for three hours or more it is worth while to go on a trip to Amsterdam if it is shorter you are trapped at the airport, but this is not a bad thing at all. Schiphol Airport is vast and a world in itself.

Getting a spot of food is no problem as you will almost stumble over food and drink outlets.
* Settle down at Starbucks (lounge 1) for a strong cup of coffee.

* Try Japanese specialities at Sushi Bar (lounge 2).

* Enjoy a Full Service Breakfast in The Brasserie (lounge 2) Het Paleis (lounge 1) or Murphy’s Irish pub (D-pier).

* Buy your take-away from Grabandfly, great for soft drinks, sandwiches, salads, pizza, meat pies and lots more. Grabandfly is easy to find because they all over the airport.

Schiphol is shopping galore from souvenir teddy bears and round red Edam cheeses to designer watches and diamonds. But it’s Holland Boulevard in lounges 1 and 2 between piers E and F that makes Schiphol special. Chair massage, aqua massage, art, baby VIP room and a casino. What else do you need to while away the time?

The Rijksmuseum has its own Schiphol annex. A permanent display of 17th century Dutch masters and a temporary exhibition that changes every four months. The Schiphol Museum Shop sells reproductions, art books and arty souvenirs. The museum is open daily from 7 am – 8 pm and entrance is free. There is no place to store your luggage so you will have to drag them upstairs.



 But there is more art. Be sure to visit the ladies or gents in the G pier lounge. The doors have life-size photos of bulbfield and windmills.




If you have enough time follow the art trail:



Relief in 18 parts along an entire wall of b- pier
Four Seasons, wall decoration in four parts

Guardian Angels, bronze statue.
Travellers, metal and aluminium ribbon

PIERS E06 / G20
Panorama photos of Schiphol airport and staff



Phylotaxis, three bronzes
Two incredible sitting black snowmen, bronze
So go on, illuminated letters







Primal Fractures and live fish, aquarium

Cloud and Waterfall, stainless steel

But if you are flying with one of the budget airlines all the above is denied to you. Budget airline travellers are ‘banned’ to the M Pier which has no access to the rest of the airport. One solace though, the amount to be paid in airport tax etc is considerably less for this part of the airport.

photo credits: personal collection and flickr (Snowmen)

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