Philippine National Anthem in Sign Language

Students and teachers from the Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf put together this presentation of the Philippine National Anthem using sign language and interpretative dance.

The caption on the video describes this as “Filipino sign language”. I am not familiar with sign language, Filipino, American or otherwise. So I wonder if there’s a distinct Filipino sign language or if it is based on the official American Sign Language.

The Philippines lacks sufficient facilities and support networks for handicapped Filipinos. So the MCCID is to be commended for their mission of making education and training accessible to the hearing-impaired, and for increasing awareness through projects like this video. Good job, guys!

via Filipino Deaf from the Eyes of a Hearing Person

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  • Jojo Esposa says:

    Hello Maricar!

    Thank you very much for your nice comments about the short video that our deaf students made. We are grateful to you for mentioning them in your blog.

    Although many people, including those within our community still don’t believe that there exists a Filipino Sign Language. They don’t admit that the Filipino deaf has a unique language of signs. The Department of Education is still not convinced about FSL.

    There was even a research unearthed in the libraries of a Catholic school here about the existence of Filipino deaf signers dating as far back as 1595 in Dulac, Leyte. Please read the Wilkipedia article I made about FSL.

    Thank you again. :-)

  • Maricar says:

    Hi Jojo,
    You’re welcome! We’re glad to help spread awareness. And thank you for sharing this information!

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