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KaBOOM: The Quest to Find 100,000 Playspaces in 100 Days

A few years ago, when the real estate market was booming, I worked in the mortgage industry. Not as a mortgage broker or anything close to that, but I was in charge of the events at the office, raising money for our foundation and organizing our Habitat for Humanity builds. Although, it was often a struggle to get people to commit to a build, by the time we were out there working, we were empowered knowing we were helping out those in need. Building a house from the ground up is a huge commitment and is sometimes too much for individuals or even a small group to handle, but here’s something similar and just as worthy to get involved with.

It’s called KaBOOM, and KaBOOM is a national non-profit that empowers communities to build playgrounds and now is your chance to get involved. With the expansion of communities and parent’s fear for their children’s safety, playgrounds and those areas that allow a child’s creativity to run unchallenged are diminishing. KaBOOM is out to save a child’s playtime knowing that play makes them happier, healthier and more productive in their child and adult lives. One of the main goals is to have a play area available within walking distance from every child.

There are a few things that I encourage you to check out on KaBOOM!

  1. They are on a quest to find 100,000 playspaces in 100 days. What this entails is adding valid playspaces to their database. A valid playspace may be a field, skatepark, hockey rink, dog park, etc where you can participate in unstructured play for free or for a nominal fee. By adding, playspaces to their database, you can help raise money for your non-profit. See more info here.
  2. In addition to building their database, you can search by zip code to find a play space near you. The play spaces include a picture, address, rating, etc. so its a perfect database if you are new to an area or are just traveling through.
  3. KaBOOM is encouraging communities to get involved and put together builds to build new play areas, just like you would for Habitat for Humanity.
  4. They are also encouraging communities to organize community play days.

Details on all of their initiatives can be found on their website. Anyone up for a build?

Photo Credit: Bah Humbug @ flickr

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  • Sw0rDMaN says:

    We want more playgrounds!

  • Imee says:

    This is a really good idea. It’s the first time I’ve heard of KaBOOM but I really think that it’s something very worthwhile. I mean there’s so many lots out there and abandoned houses that could be turned into playgrounds so children can get the most of their youth.

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