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Rome — By theromeguide on November 24, 2008 at 8:30 am

Turkey TIme in Rome

With just a few more days to go, you should get started right away. If you live in Rome, you’ve probably noticed that butchers don’t normally sell whole turkeys to roast at home. So you’ll have to order one and make sure you order a ‘tacchinella’, which is smaller than your average turkey. A whole turkey will just be too big for your Italian oven. Next, you’ll want to have stuffing, cranberry sauce, cornbread and anything else you normally would eat if you were in the States.

There are basically two places in Rome where you’ll find all that you wish for:

1- Innocenzi in Piazza San Cosimato


2- Castroni ( 8 different locations)

Piazza della Balduina, 1
  Tel: 06 35496806
Via Boccea, 173
Tel: 06 6625779
Via Catania, 54
Tel: 06 44244197
Via Cola di Rienzo, 196
  Tel: 06 6874383
Piazza Irnerio, 73
Tel: 06 66000187
Via Ottaviano, 55
Tel: 06 39723279
Via Flaminia, 28
  Tel: 06 3611029
Via delle Quattro Fontane, 38
Tel.: 06 4882435


Be prepared to spend a little more than you’d imagine, but hey, what’s the price of feeling at home in Rome? 

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  • Joel says:

    You are right on. I’ve lived in Rome for two years and each Thanksgiving my friends and I go all out for our Italian friends. Last Thanksgiving we ordered three tachini interro at 60 euro a bird. It is so expensive, but it was so fun to invite over 100 Italians to my apartment for a real American holiday. Italians are familiar to Thanksgiving thanks to tv shows like Friends and so they are very curious, just remember that Italians don’t eat as much mashed potatoes as Americans, so you might end up with 50 extra pounds that you have to throw away.

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