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Rome — By theromeguide on November 18, 2008 at 5:00 pm

Take Away! Fly Away!

Whether you’re leaving the Eternal City or just stopping by on your way to another European destination, be sure to bring a good sandwich to nibble on while you wait for your flight. Rome Fiumicino Airport is unlike most international airports. There’s no yummy food court where travellers can delight in various dishes from around the world. You’d think Rome’s airport would offer at least a low-key pizzeria serving piping hot slices of margherita pizza for that one last bite before take-off. But no. All you’ll find here are cafès serving bland, and might I say, expensive sandwiches which just look sad lying there, behind the glass partition, waiting for some sucker traveller to spend 5 Euros on a caprese bun. What will make you smile is that all the cafès serve good espresso and cappuccinos accompanied by warm chocolate croissants and jam-filled pastries.

If all this doesn’t quite whet your appetite, your Rome local expert suggests the following: before you leave the city, find an ‘alimentari‘ or food store, and have them make you a sandwich or two. Just choose the type of bread you want and have it filled with anything they have available. A good sandwich with prosciutto and provolone cheese will cost you 1.40 Euros. Now that’s a memory to bring back home.



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