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Etruscans in Rome

The exhibition, organized in conjunction with the Lazio Regional Authority’s Culture, Performance Arts and Sport Department with the significant contribution of the Ministry for Cultural heritage – Superintendece for Etruria Meridionale Archeological Heritage, tells the story of the Etruscan civilization in Lazio and describes its extraordinary level of achievement through the development of its main urban centers.  Veii, Cerveteri, Vulci and Tarquinia were four cities that began life with many of their more ancient features stemming from common roots, only later going on gradually to differentiate from one another both in terms of their artistic output and in more general terms of culture and worship, of life style and of trading practices.  

Etruscans. The Ancient Cities of Lazio

Till January 6th, 2009

Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Via Nazionale 194; Tel 06.39967500


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