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Rome — By theromeguide on October 7, 2008 at 4:45 am

The Best Ice-Cream in Rome

There’s just no way to leave Italy without having eaten ice-cream, or a gelato as you’ll soon learn to say. Albeit most if not all ice-cream parlors in Rome are good, there are a few which are exceptional, and ‘Il Gelatone‘ is definitely one of them. Walk into the lovely and trendy Monti neighbourhood, just behind the Colosseum and venture onto Via dei Serpenti. You can’t miss it: it’s the main, yet narrow street in this ‘hood. And you definitely won’t miss the shop as you’ll see a long line of ice-cream aficionados, or the millions of colors emanating from the store. There are over 100 flavors, ranging from classic to original such as nutella and pine nuts, after-eight, mango, almond, and best of all, lemon with basil. To die for!!

Dairy-intollerant? There are plenty of fruit and soy-based ice-creams!
Open every single day of the week, till very late!



            tel.: 06/4820187

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