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Rome — By theromeguide on October 2, 2008 at 5:00 pm

A Bar By Any Other Name..

You’ve seen and tried them all: wine bar, sushi bar, sports bar and dare I say, karaoke bar?

Come to Rome and you’ll soon find that Italians can be very inventive when it comes to food, so don’t be surprised when you bump into Obikà, mozzarella bar. This is where you’ll find fresh, juicy and succulent buffalo mozzarella, the kind Romans buy when they visit Naples. White and rich, buffalo mozzarella is not easy to come by in the city but you’ll find different dishes and tastings to try this delicacy yourself. Appetizers serve 4 different kinds of mozzarella whether it be rolls with hand-cut ham, with fresh cherry tomatoes or served on a bed of smoked salmon. Not so much for dairy? Pasta, salads, soups and delicious desserts are also served. Their wine list is quite impressive and friendly staff will be able to help you in choosing the best to accompany your meal. 

Ps. Not in Rome, yet? Visit Obikà in Milan, Turin, London, and soon in NYC and Kuwait City 



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