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Munich — By themunichguide on August 28, 2008 at 5:45 am

Ask Noka….about anything!

I received a forwarded email from my boss at Planeteye (hey Mark!) from someone who recently moved to Munich and had some questions. So I thought, “Maybe there are more people out there who have questions about Munich that I haven’t covered in my posts and they’re just dying out there without me to help them”.

Well, I’m giving you a voice!

I opened an email account just for you lovely readers out there to ask questions, suggest topics, or give feedback! After reviewing the question, you’ll either receive a personal email from me with the answer, or if I feel that your question could help other visitors, I’ll post your Q with my A.

So send me an email with your question/topic suggestion/feedback, your name/nickname/whatever, where you’re from, and I’ll be happy to answer!

Here’s an example:

Dear Noka,

Do you know where I could buy a really awesome XYZ or 123 for my mom/brother/dad/uncle/neighbor?



Nancy Drew, Freemont, IL, USA

P.S. your shoes are too fierce.

Looking forward to hearing from you: asknoka@googlemail.com

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